Industry Membership
Industry membership:  $100 Annually

For those who may need access to studio hourly rentals.


Adult Membership

First Year Adult Membership: $90 Annually

Renewing Adult Membership: $75 Annually

Family/Friend Membership

Family/Friend 1-Year Membership: $100

This membership level allows two adults to join together.


Shared Space Membership

Shared Space Rate: $150 Monthly

for Emerging Arts Organizations & Creatives in need of

Daytime Shared Workspace & Conference Rooms

Access to Evening Rental of Rehearsal Space



VOLUNTEERING throughout the year reduces your membership renewal.  Each volunteer hour reduces the renewal membership by a $1.



1106 Lupo Drive Dallas, Texas 75207


Monday - Friday: By Appt.
Saturday: Noon - 4pm
Sunday: By Appt.

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