Annie R. Such

Annie R. Such is an internationally produced playwright, who has taught acting, combat and playwriting throughout NYC and Philadelphia over the last six years. A graduate of University of the Arts, Annie has been studying the Meisner technique over 9 years with highly-regarded second and third generation teachers including John DeSotelle, Louise Lasser, and Gene Terruso. Pursuing her Masters in Playwriting at the prestigious Actors Studio Drama School, Annie worked under the wing of Edward Allen Baker and was honored with Off-Broadway productions and readings of many of her plays. Annie has taught for John Palotta Studios, John DeSotelle Studio, Steel River Playhouse, University of the Arts, and independently through workshops in NYC. 


  • The Artists' Women by Annie R. Such



    Genre: docudrama/historic, drama, period

    Keyword: Art and Artists, History

    The play follows Camille Claudel on her journey into madness as she's paralleled and guided by the women of different artists throughout history, including Dora Maar, Lucrezia Buti, Gala Dali, Camille Doncieux, and Rose Selavy. The women all congregate in timeless Paris, France and share their stories of love, betrayal, fear, and envy as they live with their artists and battle the muse, who will always come first.

    From the 2012 Philadelphia Fringe Festival:

    “In Such’s play… the cast brims with as much physical and emotional passion as the script. Such packs the play with sensual imagery and ripe, time-honored artistic dilemmas, and she also contributes a digital slideshow, projected on the set’s backdrop, which peppers the stage with images of the characters’ most famous art…. The artists’ women suffer the sublime pain of coming second to their lovers’ genius, or watching their own talents consumed by a male-dominated world, where they’ll be remembered by history not for what they did, but for who they loved. But there are compensations. ‘He may have created the painting, but I gave him the reason,’ says Gala Dali.” 
    “This new acquaintance with the artists, their long-suffering lovers, and the imagined muse behind it all will leave you wanting to revisit the masterpieces themselves.” 

    --Alaina Mabaso,

  • Come & Take It by Annie R. Such

    Cast: 2


    Genre: comedy, drama


    Keyword: Texas

    Two men stand in the heat, stuck in a Mexican stand-off. But this isn't any old Mexican stand-off. These are brothers. From Come And Take It, Texas.
    "Tell them I went out fightin’. And burn the medical bills."

  • Life Is A Dream, A New Vintage by Annie R. Such



    Genre: adaptation, comedy, drama, fable/folktale, fantasy, movement/physical, young audiences

    Keyword: Classic, Spanish, German, stage combat, female stage combat roles, sword fighting

    An adaptation of Calderon's Life is a Dream

  • Pistrix by Annie R. Such



    Genre: drama, fable/folktale

    Keyword: classic tale, Italian, reimagining, reimagined classic

    What happened to Geppetto inside the whale?
    The action takes place in two worlds: the belly of the beast and in Ilario’s town of Villa Verde. As Ilario goes through the motions of living inside a whale’s stomach, fastening his home, and praying for the return of his lost wooden boy Nico, he calls back memories of his little town, and the sadness that lived there with him. A conspiracy that cast Ilario’s fate reveals itself, and the old man’s sanity is ruptured. His struggle culminates in a choice to either walk into the boiling acid of the digestive tract, or brave the ocean for a chance at a new life.




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